Meet Our Team

Adam Ludlow

CEO, Head Coach, Individual Design

  • CEO, Head Coach, Individual Design 
  • B.A. Exercise Science / Education 
  • Adam has put in over 15 years of full-time coaching in the industry. 
  • Adam is a rare breed too – how many athletes do you know that have ran a 50K and squatted over 500 pounds?
  • Simply known as “Coach”, this guy lives and breathes coaching. 

Annie Oletzke

Mid-Day Coach, Personal Training, Special Needs Training

  • CFL1
  • Annie has been a lifelong athlete, but has found her home as a coach.
  • Known as “Supermom”
  • Always makes anyone feel loved and welcomed the moment they walk into the gym, just don’t challenge this mother of four to a burpee contest. 

Johanna Stafford

Evening Coach, Personal Training, Youth Training

  • BA Exercise Science, emphasis in pre-Physical Therapy, Minor in psychology. 
  • CFL1, Pro Rugby Player 
  • Started CF in 2012. 

Jenni Banks

Saturday Coach, Seminar Coach

  • BS Accounting, MBA.
  • CFL1, CFL2, USA Triathlon Certified Coach 
  • Started CF in 2010.


Courtney Moczulski


  • BA Business Marketing, Exercise Science (EWU 2021) 
  • CFL1
  • Started CF in 2016.

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