Adam Ludlow

Adam Ludlow


Squat 525 pounds

Deadlift 575 pounds

Bench 370 pounds

Ran a 50K in 4 hrs flat

Played semi-professional rugby


CF L1, CF L2

USA Weightlifting 1, USA Weightlifting 2

USA Strongman



About Coach

I have been a full-time Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach since 2005 and have not only helped thousands of clients achieve their goals but have been mastering my craft for well beyond 10,000 hours. I love what I do, period. I broke my back when I was 19 years old and was told I would never run or lift again - fast forward a few years and not only could I Squat 500 pounds and Run a 50K, I experienced firsthand that strength training can give you your life back. So when Rewired says "We Help You Come Alive Through Strength", that coaching staff and I have walked this style.

Turning Point

When doctors told me I would never run or lift again and that I would need to find a new career path, it broke me. Everything I wanted to do in my life required a healthy and strong body. I decided on that day, they were wrong. There has to be something I can do. And although going from the "strongest dude in the gym and on the field" to a guy who had to hobble himself around the weight room trying silly exercises on the floor to try to rebuild my body, I learned an appreciation for strength training that rooted me. It literally gave me my life back. And I decided I wanted to make my career built around giving others an opportunity to get a better life through strength.

Motivation & Passion

I have three beautiful daughters. Every Father's Day I take a picture holding all three of them in the air. I want to be able to do this when I am in my last years of life. Most grandpas have to sit in the chair for pictures with their grandkids, I want to be bench pressing that damn chair while my grandkids cheer me on.

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