Jenni Banks

Jenni Banks


I can do an obnoxious amount of handstand pushups


Crossfit certified coach since November 2012:

Level 1 Certification

Crossfit Level 2 Certification

About Coach

I played soccer growing up and into college. I never stopped looking for athletic challenges. I switched to endurance racing and did several marathons and triathlons (Ironman to Sprints). I became a USAT Certified coach in 2006 and continued coaching triathlon for 6 years. I started Crossfit in 2010 and was hooked!

Turning Point

One of the most difficult physical tests I attempted, I failed the first time. The hardest thing was going back and trying again knowing how hard it was going to be. Once I realized fear was driving my apprehension I shook my head at it and tried again and succeeded. Never let fear drive your decisions.

Motivation & Passion

My coaching philosophy is to move flawlessly regardless of speed and weight.

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