Johanna Rockey

Johanna Rockey


Clean: 235#

Back Squat: 300#

University of Montana Women’s Club Rugby

ORSU Women’s 7’s Premier Rugby League


Major: BS exercise science

Minor: psychology

About Coach

I grew up on Mt. Spokane on my parent's land primarily chopping wood for the winter as my sport. I was able to participate in a couple after school activities that included cross country and track where I was at best mediocre, but thrived on the fun, friends-based running culture. For college, I attended the University of Montana where I joined the women’s rugby team. To enhance my power and performance on the field I joined a CF box. From there I was recruited to play women’s 7’s premier rugby and continued to use Rewired’s classes to keep me in top shape for the field. To this day I still love the fitness-based community classes that Rewired has to offer and see no end in my future.

Turning Point

My faith and husband, Aaron, have led to me to keep serving others through trial and triumph. I found that my skills and abilities were best used to serve others in a fitness environment, which led me to walk away from the rehabilitation world.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching at Rewired allows me to serve a wide variety of people, throughout all the ages in one setting. With each member I get to build a relationship and then tailor to their needs and goals individually. I’m motivated to provide a class culture of healthy fitness, high energy, community based, best hour of your day.

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