Tanner Decker

Tanner Decker


5:40 mile

400 squat

275 bench

275 hang clean

I love pretty much any gymnastic movements


CPR/AED Certified

BA Theology

Minors Math and Leadership

About Coach

In middle and high school, I played football, and a bit of soccer, got into the track, and then found myself in tennis for the last 3 years of high school. My friends and I also would play ultimate frisbee whenever we could get enough people. High school was when I started my lifting life, mostly doing body-building style workouts and flexing in the mirror with my boys. Toward the end of high school was when I had my first introduction to CrossFit. I loved it. To save money in college, I just used the university gym, but then I got back into CrossFit my senior year. That’s how I found myself at Rewired!

Turning Point

With all the sports I did, I struggled to find where I really shined, as well as a good community. My athletic abilities were always middle of the pack, which is why I bounced around from different sports so much. When I started CrossFit and found Rewired, not only did I feel like I found something I could thrive in, but also I found an amazing community that pushed me to get better every single day. Every workout at Rewired is truly the best hour of my day.

Motivation & Passion

My favorite part of coaching is seeing people improve their skills and get better every day. I love getting to help people reach their goals, whether that’s getting better at a certain movement or trying to eat a bit better. I also love making people feel welcomed. Rewired gave me an amazing community and I want to help others find that here.

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